Partner Program

You can partner with Da Dat in three ways – Affiliate, Supplier or Innovator Network. See below to learn more.



The Affiliate Network is for individuals and businesses who want to earn commissions by promoting Da Dat’s products. Affiliates will use unique referral links to drive traffic and sales to the Da Dat website.


  1. Competitive commission rates
  2. Access to a range of marketing materials
  3. Real-time tracking and reporting
  4. Support from Da Dat’s affiliate management team


  1. An active online presence (website, blog, social media, etc.)
  2. Adherence to Da Dat’s branding guidelines
  3. Regular performance reviews



The Supplier Network is designed for local and international suppliers who want to list and sell their products through Da Dat’s eCommerce platform. Da Dat will handle logistics, marketing, and customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for both suppliers and customers.


  1. Access to a wide customer base
  2. Professional marketing and promotion
  3. Logistics and shipping management
  4. Customer service support
  5. Regular performance reports


  1. High-quality product offerings
  2. Compliance with Da Dat’s quality standards
  3. Transparent pricing and inventory updates

Innovator Network


The Innovator Network is for creative individuals, startups, and small businesses who need support in developing and launching their products or services. Da Dat will invest time and resources to help these innovators bring their ideas to market, both locally and internationally. Additionally, Da Dat is open to innovative and creative collaborations with individuals, companies, and brands to create unique and impactful products and services.


  1. Mentorship and development support
  2. Access to Da Dat’s marketing and logistics infrastructure
  3. Networking opportunities with other innovators and industry experts
  4. Potential for funding and investment
  5. Opportunities for innovative collaborations


  1. A clear and innovative product or service idea
  2. Commitment to a development plan
  3. Willingness to collaborate with Da Dat’s team
  4. Regular progress updates and reviews

Why Choose Us

Advanced Technology Integration

Integration, real-time analytics, and robust security features, ensuring a smooth and efficient partnership experience

Flexible Partnership Models

Partnership models tailored to your needs, whether you're a supplier, affiliate, or innovator.

Innovative Collaboration Opportunities

Join a network that fosters innovation and creativity.

Growth and Development Support

Committed to helping you succeed and grow your business locally and internationally.

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