Our Journey

The Story Behind Da Dat

Our Story

Once upon a time in the heart of Belize, a group of visionary minds came together with a shared dream – to bring the world closer to Belizeans through the power of technology and innovation. And thus, Da Dat was born.

Da Dat? You might ask. Well, let us explain.

“Da Dat” is not just a catchy name. In Belizean culture, a common phrase when searching for something is actually “Da Dat” which translates to “It’s that” or “I’ve found it” etc. So, in a way, Da Dat embodies the spirit of discovery and fulfillment – it’s exactly what you were looking for, even when you didn’t know it.

Our journey began with this playful spirit in mind. We wanted to create an online platform that not only offered amazing products and services but also celebrated the authenticity and warmth of Belizean culture.

So, armed with our trusty catchphrase, we set out on our quest. We scoured the earth for the finest products, from in and outside of Belize, and we are bringing them all together in one place – Da Dat.

But our journey does not stop there. We knew that to truly succeed, we have to build more than just an online store – we must build a community. A community where customers feel valued and supported, where local talent and partnerships would be promoted, where giving back to the community is a must and where ultimately innovation would thrive – we think of it as “Digital Cultural Transformation”.

Our journey is far from over. With each passing day, we continue to innovate, to inspire, and to bring the world closer together, one click at a time.

Join us!

Welcome to Da Dat.

Our Beginnings

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide customers with innovative technological solutions that enhance their experiences, while championing culture and talent.

Our Vision

To become the leading tech innovator in the market.

Our Core Values

Culture: Celebrating diversity and heritage in everything we do.

Trust: Building trust with our customers through transparency, reliability, and integrity.

Technology: Pioneering new technological solutions to enhance customers’ experiences.

Convenience: Providing ease and convenience for our customers, anytime, anywhere.

Customer-Centric: Putting our customers at the heart of our business, and always striving to exceed their expectations.

Community: Supporting local talent and entrepreneurs, businesses through partnerships and collaborations while giving back to the communities we serve.

Innovation: Embracing innovation and creativity to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Our Milestones

Website Launch

Our website went live, bringing Da Dat to the world.

Date: January 2024

First Product Sale

We celebrated our first product sale, marking the beginning of our journey.

Date: February 2024

First Partnership

We formed our first partnership with a local Belizean artisan.

Date: March 2024

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